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Amazing Portable Toilets has the largest selection of models, colors and options in the Southern Tier

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Experience the AMAZING difference!!

Check out our 1st class Polyjohn portable toilets at golf courses, ball parks, community events, and all Vestal Parks!

PolyJohn's Fleet is the premier model in the industry, engineered specifically with the satisfaction of high-end users in mind and our units have 24 percent more interior floor space than other units in its class.

Foremost, it's a must for occasions looking to add a touch of class. The efficient use of a corner tank allows for the Fleet to offer more amenities, including sink and non-splash urinal. Users at other types of events will benefit from the design as well. For example, the Fleet offers more space for parents with children, more room for construction workers with bulky or winter gear.

We offer six colors in the Fleet Series:
White White Yellow Yellow Blue Blue Pink Pink Purple Purple Orange Orange
Each color is available with or without the built-in sink.

Persons with a physical disability or mobility impairment, especially wheelchairs users, can rely on the PolyJohn Comfort XL® portable restroom for safe, comfortable, convenient sanitation. At today's private and public events, formal or informal, wedding, concert, fair, festival or party, wheelchair accessible toilets aren't just extras, they are essential.

Inside Portable Toilet

In fact, every end-user who requires greater space will appreciate the accessibility and ease-of-use features that define the Comfort XL's generous design:

Moved easily by one person, the Comfort XL® is our most portable large restroom. Add a number of deluxe amenities, and match the XL with PolyJohn sinks and sanitizing stations, also accessible to persons with disabilities, for comprehensive, worry-free sanitation service.

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We offer two Polyjohn portable toilet models. The Fleet unit and the Comfort XL® - Wheelchair Accessible Unit.

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